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The book series of Professor Clark the Science Shark were created by Palm Beach County residents Scott and Karen Lamberson in 2011.  Their dream was to create an adorable, fun to read, children’s educational book series all about the oceans, their ecosystems and “Jawsome” inhabitants. Learn More


About Professor Clark and His Friends!

Professor Clark

Professor Clark the Science Shark is an extraordinary tiger shark that wants to educate the next generation.


Ray the Remora is Professor Clark’s side-kick and BFF. He sticks by Clark no matter the situation.


Reada the Research Turtle is a beautiful hawksbill turtle that has a natural love for reading. She is kind and witty.


Holt the Seahorse is a somewhat hyper and forgetful seahorse that also has a kind heart.


Andrew the Human truly makes a difference in saving our seas.

Books That Teach & Entertain

Learn Exciting Fin Facts

Professor Clark’s Fun Fin Facts teach readers about Ocean Ecosystems, Shark Senses, local surroundings and environments and more!

Vocab Lab

The end of each book has a Vocab Lab that defines many of the words found throughout the book.

Ocean Conservation

Professor Clark the Science Shark books contain valuable lessons on ocean conservation, pollution and reef restoration.

Encourage Research

At the end of the book, readers are encouraged to do further research on the lessons and concepts learned in each book.

Integrated With School Curriculum

The books’ vocabulary, illustrations and Fun Fin Facts are fully integrated with the Palm Beach County School District’s Science Department K-5 curriculum and meet most of the State of Florida STEAM requirements.
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Professor Clark The Science Shark - Book 1

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